Getting back to good
We started out playing and  absorbing all of the wonders of this world.
What happened? 
A Better Way
So many people are suffering in this world. But what is it about us that suffers?

Our minds- in the thoughts we have? How can a thought alone cause suffering? Our  bodies alone? But how can unrest in a body be perceived without a mind? And where in this equation does the brain come in, how does the brain relate to the mind and the body in the production of suffering?

Sound confusing? Well, it can be.

But that is where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness is the skill of being aware of all the ways we percieve, think about, and then act in this world. It is improtant. Why? 

Imagine you are a garden. What was once an array of flowers and vegetables has been taken over by piles of large onions that coninue to grow and grow, occupying all the sun and water and leaving the flowers and vegetable to die beneath.

With mindfulness we learn how to see the variety of seeds still below the soil that we forgot existed. We learn how to peel back each onion layer by layer making room for the sun and water to nourish these hidden seeds so that they may grow...once again.

we can get back... to good.

I created this website, and will be beginning a blog on it soon, as a resource to share insight and information as I continue on the journey of exploring what it means from a neuroscience standpoint to get back to how we are meant to be; To experience the world with the knowledge of an adult but the marvel of a child.            
by Tami Bulleri

Experience the world with the knowledge of an adult but the marvel of a child.