Take a Mindful Pivot
Being Mindful is more than just an idea. It's an action, a physical exercise where we learn how to Pivot attention (focused energy) in a way that re-stabalizes our nervous systems and allows us to feel the joy of knowing a deeper, more real version of ourselves, and how we are connected to all that surrounds us. 


Since I can remember I have been curious about why and how our brains work (and don't work), especially my own. I began a career as a Physician Assistant and spent 10 years in the neurosciences department at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. Treating patients with chronic nerve pain who were not improving with surgery or medications led me to Jon Kabat-Zinn, a physician who started a successful MBSR (mind-based-stress-reduction) program for chronic patients who were not responding to medical therapy in the 1970s.

After taking the course, aside from being able to recommend it to suffering patients, I was surprised to find that it healed a condition I did not know I was suffering from. My family, friends, and career were all on track with my life expectations and I felt pretty "normal". And I was. What I wasn't aware of was that "normal" was actually dysfunctional.

How did I know that? Well, mindfulness showed me that my mind was a small human part of who I was, and I was spending my life protecting that small part which was keeping me from experiencing what was real around or within me. I could have been told this, but it wouldn't have meant much. It was when I experienced what it FELT like to detach from my mind and sense the world directly- well that was when I knew I had NOT been living life fully. This new sense, which was like coming home to a place I didn't remember but knew to be home, felt like it was exactly how we were at the beginning of this life, and how we were MEANT to stay.

I have included a recently published article and poem and an outline of Brain STARS. I am in the mist of interpersonal neurobiology courses with Dan Siegel and have graduated the mindfulschools.org program. I developed the Brain STARS program, which I developed for school aged children to learn the skills to understand what is happening in their brains and bodies when they are reacting to stressful situations and how to reset the nervous system to get them back to feeling good and optimize their brains for learning. I moved from Ellicott City, Maryland to Ringwood, New Jersey with my husband and 3 children in September 2016 and am working with the public schools to implement a mindfulness program.